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What is the WP Challenge?[edit]

The WP Challenge is a series of short exercises representing the sorts of difficult decisions editors and administrators have to make sometimes when editing Wikipedia. They are meant to stimulate thought and discussion, and possibly be used for training, as RfA questions and to establish Best Practices for editing Wikipedia.

You can test your Wikipedia decision-making and editing skills in a safe environment without getting involved in contentious disputes yourself, or reading through hundreds of kilobytes of tedious talk page arguments or getting into reversion-wars.

Note: Although the WP Challenge exercises are based for the most part on real situations, the details have been altered slightly to obscure the identities of those involved.

The WP Challenge exercises are divided into sets. If you have completed one set of WP Challenge exercises, you are welcome to try your hand at another set.

Original AGF Challenge exercises[edit]

AGF Challenge 2[edit]

  • There are more WP Challenge exercises coming!

Further information[edit]

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AGFThis user took the AGF Challenge

AGFThis user took the AGF Challenge