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As stalking and harassment has become more prevalent at Wikipedia, the question arises on what Wikipedia should do to cope with it. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a clear declaration that revenge for votes at RfA, RFB and other polls and elections will not be tolerated. Anyone mentioning or hinting that a negative action or the beginning of some administrative action or a threat is motivated by vengeance is subject to immediate sanction.
  • Enforce the current policy against threats, coercion, extortion etc in a timely manner. The current dilatory and dismissive attitude just emboldens harassers and those seeking to intimidate.
  • Make it a requirement that each new admin sign an acknowledgement that their position makes them more liable to be the target of harassment and stalking. Also provide a list of suggestions that the new admin can take to protect themselves and their anonymity etc.
  • Develop articles suggesting which local and international resources to consult to deal with stalkers and online harassment, where to report it and procedures etc.
  • Discourage harassment of every oppose vote at RfAs and RfBs. This just creates bad feelings.
  • Patrol RfAs and RfBs more diligently. Any harassment of voters for their votes should be swiftly be met with sanctions, and possibly early closing of the RfA as failure, with a prohibition against applying for another 12 months.
  • Outing threats are subject to immediate ban. Outing and publication of private emails are subject to mandatory 72 hour block, which might be longer if circumstances warrant; No exceptions. Outing at 3rd party websites and publication of private Wikipedia emails at 3rd party sites are not excluded.
  • Reduce the potential use of RfCs, RfArs, AN and AN/I threads, other noticeboard threads and other administrative actions as harassment tools by making it clear that if there is indication that these administrative tools are being used for harassment or intimidation or excessively, that those bringing the administrative action will automatically be subject to penalty for "abuse of process".
  • As there is a central clearing house for OTRS requests and a central clearing house for sock puppetry with the CHECKUSER system, place harassment and stalking on a similar footing by creating a similar database with reporting to law enforcement associated with harassment, staffed again by trusted volunteers.