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Guru Larry's Retro Corner
Retro Corner Logo.jpg
Guru Larry's Retro Corner Logo
Starring Larry Bundy Jr
Wesley Lock
Country of origin  United Kingdom
Running time 3 Minutes
(Segment in The Chart)
15 Minutes
(Retro Corner Show)
Original network XLEAGUE.TV (2007-2009),
Information TV(2010)
Showcase TV(2010)
Picture format 576i SDTV
Original release 49

Guru Larry's Retro Corner is a popular weekly segment on the XLEAGUE.TV series The Chart, which originally appeared as part of The Chart before spinning off into its own separate "best of" series.

Presented by "Guru Larry" (Larry Bundy Jr.) and co-written by Larry Bundy Jr and Wesley Lock (Wesley is also known as the second voice which occasionally appears on the show), the series was originally derived from their ScrewAttack Web TV series, Games Yanks Can't Wank, a show about games never released in America; both shows share a similar sense of presenting style and humour.

The name "Guru Larry" came from Larry's earlier presenting–producing on the Game Network show Game Guru.

Each week, the series covers a different title from gaming history, informing viewers about its story and background in a comedic way. Games featured will regularly be those which, in the presenter's opinion, have been overlooked or undervalued since their original release, or quirky titles from gaming's past worthy of mention and reminding of, rather than the more obvious choices for retro features like on Pac-Man or Space Invaders. The segment runs for less than five minutes.

The show is also the world's first and only Retro Gaming TV series which has also gained a cult following online with fans all over the world.[citation needed]

The segment is also hosted on the pop culture review video site

Guru Larry's Retro Corner has also recently began to air on the Sky TV channels Information TV and Showcase TV.


Notable episodes from the series include:

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