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Ada County Sheriff

File:ID - Ada County Sheriff's Office Patch.jpg
Ada County Sheriff's Office patch

Ada County sheriff (ACSO for short) is the largest law enforcement agency in the state of Idaho. ACSO is responsible for backing up municipal law enforcement agencies within Ada County, as well as providing law enforcement services to unincorporated areas. ACSO employs more than 500 staff members in various divisions, including corrections, road patrol, marine patrol, CSI, and motorcycle unit.

Contract Cities[edit]


In 1996, the City of Eagle entered a contract with Ada County sheriff for full law enforcement services. Ada county sheriff maintains an unmanned sub-station in the city of Eagle. The Eagle division is led by Chief Dana Borquist. The Eagle division is staffed by the chief of police, two sergeants, eight patrol officers, and two detectives.


The city of Star entered into a law enforcement contract with ACSO in 2003. In December of 2011, Sergeant John Laraway was appointed chief of Star. Star is patrolled by four deputies dedicated to the city. This protection is supplemeneted by other ACSO deputies as needed. ACSO maintains a sub-station in Star City Hall for report writing and other duties.


The city of Kuna entered into a contract with ACSO for full law enforcement services in 1998. Lt. Cody Aldrich has been the head of the Kuna contract since January of 2007. Assigned to specifically to Kuna are Chief Alrich, two field supervisors (sergeants) eight patrol officers, two detectives, and one field services technician.


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