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Pet peeve: Editors who mark all their edits as minor. This should ONLY be used for correcting typos, minor formatting edits, or other edits that don't change the meaning of the sentence.

I've decided to limit my editing solely to LGBT-related articles -- no more opera, tax, etc. I'm also focusing on adding large amounts of content and avoiding time-wasting administrative debates.

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Pride Foundation‎ · Horizons Foundation‎ · O'Donnabhain v. Commissioner · Home mortgage interest deduction · Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists · Early Treatment for HIV Act · Military Readiness Enhancement Act · Tax Equity for Domestic Partner and Health Plan Beneficiaries Act · Responsible Education About Life Act · Khalil Gibran International Academy · Ben Gamla Charter School · Glenn Murphy Jr. · Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007 · Adi Nes · Patricia Todd · Rita (opera) · Parisina (opera) · Betly · Maria di Rohan · Torquato Tasso (opera) · Maria Padilla · Marino Faliero (opera) · Maria di Rudenz · L'esule di Roma · Zoraide di Granata · Pia de' Tolomei · Il diluvio universale · Emilia di Liverpool · Ugo, conte di Parigi · Rosmonda d'Inghilterra · Olivo e Pasquale · Caterina Cornaro (opera) · Alina, regina di Golconda · Alahor in Granata · L'ajo nell'imbarazzo · Adelia (opera) · Linda di Chamounix · L'assedio di Calais · Il campanello · Le convenienze ed inconvenienze teatrali · Mireille · Le Médecin malgré lui · Die Liebe der Danae · Daphne (opera) · Friedenstag · Die ägyptische Helena · Intermezzo (opera) · Feuersnot · Hagith · Pier Luigi Pizzi · David Pountney · Herbert Wernicke · Luca Ronconi · Luc Bondy · Walter Felsenstein · Deborah Voigt · Lotfi Mansouri · Otto Schenk · Götz Friedrich

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Reparative therapy



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