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Aunt and Uncles Day
Observed byMany countries, The Hench
SignificanceHonors Aunts and Uncles
DateJuly 26th (United States and others)
Related toChildren's Day, Father's Day, Parents' Day

Aunt and Uncles Day is currently an unofficial holiday looking to be recognized in the United States of America. The day honors a persons parent's brothers and sisters and is traditionally held on July 26.


Currently the day is looking for official recognition by the United States of America by using the website.


July 26th. There is some controversy on this date indicating that it might have been arbitrary in its assignment to focus on a specific individual. However, there is no indication that the date has been anything other than July 26th in modern times.

International history and tradition[edit]

The holiday is commonly celebrated with yarn and firecrackers.


The holiday encourages the giving of gift cards to a person's aunts and uncles.

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10 year old is also working on this;

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