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  • Ablution - A ceremonial act of washing parts of the body or sacred containers
  • Abrasive - Harsh
  • Affliction - pain of suffering
  • Affront - An action or remark that causes offense
  • Allegory - A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral one
  • Anachronism - A chronological misplacing of persons, events, objects, or customs
  • Anew – In a new or different, typically more positive, way
  • Apostasy - disaffiliation
  • Askance - With an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval - "The man looked askance at...."
  • August Institution - Impressive and respected
  • Balustrade - rails
  • Catacomb - an underground tunnel with recesses where bodies were buried
  • Certitude - Absolute certainty or conviction that something is the case
  • Chivalry – Courteous behavior, esp. that of a man toward women
  • Clemency – mercy / lenience
  • Contrite - Feeling or expressing remorse or penitence
  • Demonstrative - Tending to show feelings, esp. of affection, openly
  • Dichotomy – A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or different
  • Diffuse - Spread out over a large area; not concentrated
  • Disparate - Things so unlike that there is no basis for comparison
  • Doggedly - with obstinate determination
  • Edifice - Large imposing building / A complex system of beliefs
  • Emancipate - give equal rights to
  • Epithet - A term used to characterize a person or thing; A term used as a descriptive substitute for the name or title of a person; An abusive or contemptuous word or phrase
  • Escutcheon - A shield or emblem bearing a coat of arms.
  • Facetious - Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant
  • Fetid - Having an offensive odor
  • Flagellation - Flogging or beating, either as a religious discipline or for sexual gratification
  • Fortitude - Courage in pain or adversity
  • Gauche – lacking social polish
  • Gentrification and urban gentrification refer to the changes that result when wealthier people ("gentry") acquire property in low income and working class communities.
  • Gregarious - Fond of company; sociable.
  • Gnarly – Difficult, dangerous, or challenging / Unpleasant or unattractive / covered in knots or knobs
  • Hiatus – A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process
  • Hinterland - An area lying beyond what is visible or known
  • Histrionics - Exaggerated dramatic behavior
  • Imbued - Inspire or permeate with a feeling or quality
  • Immemorial - Originating in the distant past / very old
  • Impious - lacking due respect or dutifulness
  • Incongruous - Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something
  • Jettison - Abandon or discard
  • Languid - Pleasantly lazy and peaceful
  • Lurid - Horrible in fierceness or savagery
  • Magnum opus - Great work
  • Militia - A military force composed of ordinary citizens
  • Minutiae - Small, precise details
  • Motley Crew - A group of people of mixed background, especially one with a common goal
  • Mutinied - Refuse to obey the orders of a person in authority
  • Nominal - Existing in name only
  • Novella - A short novel
  • Obstinate - Stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or chosen course of action, despite attempts to persuade one to do so
  • Potsherd - A historic or prehistoric fragment of pottery
  • Prattling - Talk at length in a foolish or inconsequential way
  • Prodigal - A person who spends money in a recklessly extravagant way / A person who leaves home and behaves in such a way, but later makes a repentant return
  • Prow - forward most part of a ship's bow that cuts through the water
  • Quip - Make a witty remark
  • Schadenfreude - Pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others
  • Shard - A piece of broken ceramic, metal, glass, or rock, typically having sharp edges
  • Subterfuge - Deceit used in order to achieve one's goal
  • Reproached - Address (someone) in such a way as to express disapproval or disappointment.
  • Tawdry - Showy but cheap and of poor quality
  • Unilateral - decided/actioned by one side only
  • Unrequited - love that is not shared
  • Veracity - accuracy / conformity to facts
  • Veranda - Roofed porch
  • Vocation - A person's employment or main occupation, esp. regarded as particularly worthy and requiring great dedication
  • Whimsical - Playfully quaint or fanciful
  • Writhe – squirm

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  • Cathartic - ?
  • Mercurial - volatile
  • Moratorium – suspension
  • Mottled - Marked with spots or smears of colour
  • Duality – similar meaning as dichotomy
  • Memorandum – memo
  • Illusory - illusive
  • Flailing – wave, thrash
  • Oblivion - void
  • Entreating - begging
  • Shroud - cover
  • Phantom – ghost


  • Je vous en prie - You're most welcome


  • Come sta? - komay sta - How are you?
  • Bene grazie - benay grats-yay - fine thanks
  • E lei? - ay lay - and you?
  • Che bella giornata - kay bel-la jor-nata - What a lovely day
  • Che brutto tempo! - kay broot-to tempo - What awful weather!


Geography (good)[edit]

  • Archipelago - a chain of islands
  • Breakwater - A barrier built at sea to protect a coast or harbor from tidal forces
  • Esplanade - promenade
  • Islet - a small island
  • Lagoon - A body of shallow sea water separated from the sea by some form of barrier
  • Reef - rock sandbar beneath the ocean surface
  • Scree - a slope of loose rocks at the base of a cliff
  • Gulch - a deep V-shaped valley formed by erosion
  • Oasis - An isolated area of vegetation in a desert, typically surrounding a spring or water source
  • Pelagic - Living in the open sea rather than in coastal or inland waters
  • Swell - long-wavelength surface waves

Life (good)[edit]

  • Fauna – animal life
  • flora – plat life
  • Frond – large divided leaf
  • Liana - Woody vines that are rooted in the soil and use trees to climb up to the canopy to get access to well-lit areas of the forest
  • Mangroves - Various types of trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal sediment habitats in the tropics and subtropics

Professions (good)[edit]


  • Tourniquet – compression bandage
  • Humerus – bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow
  • Haunch - the hip and buttock and upper thigh in human beings
  • Cauterising - burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent
  • Stupor - coma
  • Salubrious - Promoting health or well-being; wholesome. Especially related to air.

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