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Areas of My Expertise[edit]

I’m looking for work as a static analyzer or software tester. I’m a published authority on static analysis, compiler testing, artificial intelligence, and the Access Linux Platform; my forthcoming work on Church’s set theory with a universal set is discussed in the Oxford Logic Guide on the subject, by T. E. Forster of the University of Cambridge. I’ve written commercial software, but not recently; for the past fifteen years I’ve mostly worked in software testing and static analysis, for Palm and its OS spinoff PalmSource, and Apple and its short-lived spinoff, Newton, Inc. Before that, I was a researcher at the University of London.

I’m the president of the Stanford PalmPilot User Group, and was the chief judge for last four PalmHack programming contests.

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Wikipedia censorship[edit]

As noted in the talk page, I’m no longer actively watching or contributing financially to Wikipedia, given the recent censorship in the name of clean-up, e.g., List of tools for static code analysis.


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