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My Les Paul Tribute 2010 in Trans Black

About me[edit]

I am an Australian editor. I tend to pick topics to work on for a period of time and most recently I have spent a lot of time patrolling new pages and helping review new articles at WP:AFC. I have previously spend a lot of time volunteering on the Wikimedia OTRS team and I also host at the Teahouse. I am not interested in Wikipedia politics though they can be hard to avoid at times.

I am more than happy to talk about any edits I have made. I have made more than 30,000 edits and I make mistakes like everyone else and learn something new about Wikipedia every day. If you would like to raise an issue or If you feel that I have made an error let's discuss it at my talk page and hopefully we can learn from each other. I am happy to admit fault when I have messed up. I encourage new editors to understand how Wikipedia works and read and understand both the assume good faith and notability guidelines. If you are looking for an editor to help you get started please approach me on my talk page and I will do my best to assist you/mentor you.

Why Flat Out?[edit]

I chose the username "Flat Out" which is based on an Australian idiom that I love.

Other accounts[edit]

I have another account Right b4 the Lobotomy that I have used on occasion for testing and to go through the The Wikipedia Adventure - which I highly recommend to new editors. I also take breaks from this account and edit under the account User:Cult of Green.


I had never heard of a barnstar until I joined Wikipedia. I deleted the link to the barnstars I have received however I have come to realise that they tell new editors a little about you and where your peers feel you have been of help. Mine are here.

To do[edit]

Pat Shannon (Painters and Dockers Union)

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