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The Wikipedia Signpost

Straw poll continues

By Flcelloguy, December 12 2005
January 2006 ArbCom elections
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Sep. 19 Introduction
Sep. 26 History of ArbCom
Oct. 3 About ArbCom
Oct. 10 Criticism of ArbCom
Oct. 17 Current ArbCom members
Oct. 24 ArbCom elections, 2004
Oct. 31 ArbCom reform
Nov. 7 ArbCom duties and requirements
Nov. 14 ArbCom voting process
Nov. 28 Last chance to run
Dec. 5 Election procedure poll
Dec. 19 Straw poll closes
Jan. 2 Election candidates
Jan. 9 Election candidates, part two
Jan. 16 ArbCom elections underway
Jan. 23 Elections end; Jimbo appoints
Feb. 6 Elected Arbitrators interview

This week, no candidates either joined or withdrew from the race. Meanwhile, the straw poll set up by Jimbo Wales continued. As of press time, 22 people supported Jimbo's second proposal, 16 supported an open election, four for Talrias's proposal, and three for Jimbo's first proposal. In addition, two people indicated that they were unsure, and one Wikipedian expressed his feelings under the "Don't care" section.

It is uncertain when the straw poll will end and when elections will begin.

Also this week: Editor's note

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