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Candidates join the race for ArbCom

By Flcelloguy, October 10 2005
January 2006 ArbCom elections
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Oct. 10 Criticism of ArbCom
Oct. 17 Current ArbCom members
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Nov. 7 ArbCom duties and requirements
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Dec. 19 Straw poll closes
Jan. 2 Election candidates
Jan. 9 Election candidates, part two
Jan. 16 ArbCom elections underway
Jan. 23 Elections end; Jimbo appoints
Feb. 6 Elected Arbitrators interview

This week, 172 created the candidate's statement page for the upcoming December 2005 elections. Other users agreed that with less than two months before voting, that the time was ideal for candidates to start listing themselves.

At press time, thirteen candidates had listed themselves: 172 (statement), Ambi (statement), Carbonite (statement), Everyking (statement), Filiocht (statement), Ilyanep (statement), Jtkiefer (statement), Luigi30 (statement), Merovingian (statement), Ral315 (statement), Redwolf24 (statement), Snowspinner (statement), and Talrias (statement).

Though Redwolf24 withdrew from the election after being criticized for a joke that some felt was disruptive, he decided to run again after receiving large amounts of support.

At first, an endorsements page (now deleted) was created for users to list votes of approval and disapproval; however, this was soon shut down amid calls for reform. The endorsements and disendorsements page was heavily criticized last year, and Jimbo even pleaded that the pages not be used. Consequently, the endorsements page was closed, and a subpage for each candidate where Wikipedians can ask questions to the candidate was created.

Also this week, current Arbitrator David Gerard announced that he would not be running for re-election, citing work pressures and burnout. This brings the total number of Arbitrators who have announced that they will not be returning to office to three: Gerard, Nohat, and Maveric149.

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