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who am I?[edit]

I work in a research organization affiliated with a university and focus on issues of water science and management. I'm generally interested in sustainable development and incorporation of sustainable living practices in my own life.

what do I do with Wikipedia?[edit]

Very little. I've made some minor edits to a few documents and started a minor article or two. Some of my edits have been anonymous, because I forget to log in. oops.

I spend a bit of time in my work-land working on a private wiki and I'm really curious about the Wikipedia community. I try very hard not to overstep areas outside of my expertise.

I've made a resolution to fix more copy-editing type things I randomly stumble across while reading. This is because I like commas, and I dislike rambling sentences.

what do I do with MediaWiki?[edit]

mostly ask questions. I manage several small informational websites for my employer, including a private wiki using mediawiki 1.18. I do not actually consider myself to be an expert in the areas of site administration, wiki management, or the internet.