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Find Nearest Photographer[1] (link) is a tool that allows you to find photographers that are located closely to a location you want somebody to take a picture at. The tool covers photographer lists in multiple Wikimedia projects and is maintained by User:Flominator.


Find near photographer[edit]

„I'm living in The Hague and want to find somebody who can take a picture of Bertoldsbrunnen in Freiburg, Germany“

  1. Check if the article Bertoldsbrunnen contains coordinates at the upper right. If no, look for an article that has coordinates (sights nearby, the city, the district etc.).
  2. open tool and enter article with coordinates from #1
  3. Click "Find closest photographers"
  4. Look for photographer in short distance (for bold users the article is within their specified range)
  5. Contact photographer via talk page/email

Be found as a photographer[edit]

„ I'm living in Feldberg, Baden-Württemberg and take pictures within 175km.“

  1. Make sure that the article about my location (Feldberg, Baden-Württemberg) contains coordinates at the upper right. If no, look for an article that has coordinates (sights nearby, the city, the district etc.).
  2. Add yourself to Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Photographers
  3. Check if there are any problems with your entry
  4. Maybe also place Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Photographers/Userbox on your user page


Generally the project is maintained on GitHub at . For proper management of your feedback (criticism, ideas, improvements) I stronly encourage you, to create an issue over there. If that's too much trouble, please ping me on my [[:de:user talk:Flominator|German talkpage to do that for you.

More projects[edit]

If you want to have your Wikimedia project ([2] added, create an issue at GitHub with the url of the list to add.


Help with translation is strongly appreciated. If you're familiar with Git, please fork the project and create your own copy of the English translation. If that's too compliated, you can also download the file, translate the strings and post the new file as a new issue on Github. If that's too much trouble, you can also send the file via email or post it somewhere around here.


Feel free to fork the project on GitHub. Please make sure you create a pull request for feature improvements, to have them available in the main line as well.

Technical details[edit]

The tool retrieves the source of the pages, extracts the users and their location and then arranges them in relation to the location searched for. Currently these pages are supported:


  1. ^ The name is probably not proper English or at least sounds uninspired. Help wanted. Please discuss your suggestions here.
  2. ^ in theory it would also be possible to add lists of people offering photographs on non Wikimedia sites