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My stress level (A bit tense)

Hello! Welcome to my page. I'm from Hong Kong. It rocks you know. I go to school at International Christian School. It's really cool. As you see, I am a Christian. I have three dogs and ten cats. I am the cousin of Flippytoon123. Anyways, if u wanna leave any message on my talk page, feel free to. I don't care as long as it is nice.

As you see, I have 13 cats. So, I randomly picked a cat pic from wikipedia to put on my user page.
I have 2 Golden retrievers at home. They're very active and they're almost 4!
I have a toy poodle at home. But, it's looks cuter and nicer than this toy poodle.

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Louis Armstrong
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The hair she means to have is gold,
Her eyes are blue, she's twelve weeks old,
Plump are her fists and pinky.
She fluttered down in lucky hour
From some blue deep in yon sky bower
I call her "Little Dinky".

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