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Refs in progress[edit]

Note: Some of these were purely randomly selected, some because I vaguely recognizedd the name and in the case of some, particularly the Irish-related ones, was stunned to see they were unsourced.
David Andrews (Irish politician)
Wilfred Wood (bishop)
Michael Begley (politician)
Rachel Seiffert
Emyr Humphreys
Richie Bennis
Moss Keane
J. Paul Hogan
Cecil Humphery-Smith
Justin Davidson
Brendan Balfe
Sid O'Linn
Patrick O'Donoghue
Emyr Humphreys
Hazel Byford, Baroness Byford
Jimmy Perry
Bill Whelan
Sid O'Linn
Jennifer Ehle
Harvey Proctor

Haven't touched yet, but should[edit]

Brendan Grace