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About Me[edit]

I'm a British Wikipedia buff and you can often find me with my laptop in front of the TV in the evenings, moderating and updating various sites. By day I work to pay my bills by being an IT Consultant and can probably be found in or near your server room.

I'm always happy to talk and willing to listen to people's thoughts. My interests are in technology, travel, politics and history.

I currently live with my wife in London, England, but I have also lived in San Francisco ,USA and Suva, Fiji.

Countries I've Visited
Scotland England Wales Germany Belgium Luxembourg Italy Fiji Australia Tonga New Zealand France Vatican City
India Egypt Mexico Malaysia Saudi Arabia Singapore Spain San Marino Cook Islands The Netherlands The United States Jersey Canada
Portugal Czech Republic Greece Turkey Switzerland Denmark Sweeden Norway Finland Russia Estonia Poland Israel
Jordan Palestine
USA States I've Visited
Hawaii California Oregon Washington Montana Utah Nevada Arizona Ohio Minnesota Kansas Pennsylvania
Vermont New Hampshire Massachusetts Connecticut New Jersey New York Virginia Washington DC Maryland North Carolina Georgia Maine Texas


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