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On anger
I think some of us have a really angry inner voice that we harness for motivation. I guess we figure if we're right, it should be okay to yell. It is a deeply misguided assumption that motivates no one and garners very negative results.

- Metafilter user Phaedon

Hi, I'm Fluffernutter. You may or may not know that a fluffernutter is a sandwich, but it's a fact and it's where my name comes from. In my volunteer time I am largely a wanderer and a wikignome - you might find me reading through anything from the history of Hugo Award winners (and fixing grammar where I spot errors) to the complete succession of the British Monarchy (and reverting vandalism I find there). Most of the articles I've written are in the domain of famous criminal cases, and many of them are of GA (or above) quality, but writing an article is slow, exacting work for me and tends to come and go as my attention allows. Outside of those article-focused times, the majority of my edits are little things that please my inner cleanup gnome: copyediting, cleaning up reference errors, and locking on to a particularly neglected category (like Women's History) to do a variety of bits and pieces to help.

Most Wikimedians call me "Fluffy" or "Fluff" ("Fluffer", which might seem like easy shorthand, is actually a very NSFW name indeed to call someone), but I also answer to my real name, Karen (though I'm so used to being referred to as a sandwich that "Karen" is less likely to catch my attention!).

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Pages I have created or significantly contributed to


I amuse myself by splitting the massive pages found at Special:LongPages into sub-articles. The ones I've done so far include:

Links I use


General places to find gnoming tasks

Specific articles I want to work on

If you have an article you'd like me to copyedit, please drop a note on my talk pages; I'm usually available for short-ish articles within a day or two of request

  • Albert Fish - previously a GA, article is now in need of a reorg/rewrite to shore up weak sourcing and excessive detail. See about access to Deranged: The Shocking True Story of America's Most Fiendish Killer by Harold Schechter as a source
  • Lisette Lee - no article, but almost certainly notable per this
  • User:Fluffernutter/Walkerton - complete re-write of Walkerton Tragedy (which also needs to be renamed), in progress
  • Susan Smith - remarkably poor coverage given the number of sources available for the case (see this for some info, for ex)