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This user left Wikipedia in an alternate universe...
  • For who I am, or was: Past introduction page and past user page. Includes information on my block log; this is important because not all blocks are justified, and, if you can't take the time to read and comprehend a person's block log, including the clear edit summaries that are there, you shouldn't be commenting on it. More commentary on my block log is here (with input from an administrator included) and here (yes, the drama is drama-tastic).
  • As for me considering WP:Adminship, I really do appreciate past posts on my talk page, and emails, supporting me becoming an administrator, but I am unlikely to ever accept a nomination. See User talk:Flyer22 Reborn/Archive 21#RfA for why. Also, when I see newbies and obvious WP:Sockpuppets getting elevated to adminship status, it is hard for me not to consider that the process is broken. I very much agree with Softlavender's thoughts on adminship. In other words, selecting administrators based solely on their clean block log, many edits without any regard for how those many edits were acquired, and for seemingly being drama-free is not how we should be doing things here. A clean block log, many edits and a drama-free status can be part of the process of nominating an administrator, but there should be more to it than that.
  • Editing Wikipedia for many years can make a person grumpy, especially if that person edits a lot of contentious topics. I became grumpy like many other Wikipedians; for how that happened, see this section and this discussion. To be less grumpy, and resemble the optimistic, better-tempered editor I used to be, I've changed some ways that I edit these days. I was even "reborn". More power to those who have remained relatively the same despite the hostile environment that is Wikipedia.
  • For awards and gifts I've received, ranging from helping with popular culture, sexuality and anatomy topics, to writing and improving articles, to cooperation aspects, to protecting Wikipedia from disruptive editors, to other matters: User:Flyer22 Reborn/Awards and gifts. Two "I hate you" type of awards are also included, since I saw no reason to only include the positives.