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I work at a biomedical research institute in London, as a librarian.

File:Dr Brigitte Alice Askonas (1923-2013).jpg
This photo of Ita Askonas was taken in the Library where I work.

Work and career[edit]

I have been a librarian for over 30 years. I am a member of CILIP.

Some years ago I reviewed genetic information resources of interest to medical librarians[1].

Outside interests[edit]

I sing in a choir.

Wikipedia and me[edit]

In 2011 I became interested in Wikipedia as a means of communicating science, In July I attended a workshop given by Rockpocket and others.

I did some work on a page about John Brownlee (statistician).

I took part remotely in the Royal Society edit-a-thon in October 2012, for Ada Lovelace day. I created a page on Janet Niven.

I organised an edit-a-thon at NIMR, on 25 July 2013, as part of the MRC series of edit-a-thons for the MRC Centenary.

I organised a smaller Wikipedia workshop, on 13 November 2014. Wikimedians Martin Poulter and John Cummings led this workshop. Martin's recent blogpost about Using Wikipedia to open up science is a good source for spreading enthusiasm.

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