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Hi, I am new in Wikipedia and still learning a lot of stuff... ;)

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Leo This user is a Leo.
UTC+8 This user's time zone is UTC+8.
yue 呢位用户嘅母语粤语/广州话
Flag of Hong Kong.svg This user comes from Hong Kong.
Flag of Hong Kong (1959).png I am a proud citizen of British Hong Kong. I dislike the present Hong Kong which is a Chinese dependent territory.
en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of the English language.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user is a British National (Overseas).
de-2 Dieser Benutzer hat fortgeschrittene Deutschkenntnisse.
Flag of Germany.svg This user is interested in Germany.
ja-1 この利用者は初級日本語ができます。
Flag of Japan.svg This user frequently visits Japan.
Flag of Japan.svg This user is interested in Japan.
Peperoni pizza.jpg This user loves pizza.
Tomato on its stem.jpg This user loves Tomatoes
MR This user enjoys their steak Medium rare.
ZEN This user has a Creative ZEN.
ProkofievsHands.jpg This user is thankful that Sergei Prokofiev existed.
This user has great respect for Dmitri Shostakovich.
Tchaikovsky.jpg This user loves Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Additive time signature.svg This user enjoys contemporary classical music.
Mezzosoprano clef with note.svg
This user is an expert in
music theory.
Stainer.jpg This user enjoys classical music.
Platin Drums PTCL2016 AF.jpg
This user is a drummer.
Recorder.jpg This user plays the recorder.
Tin Whistles.jpg This user plays the tin whistle.
Bass clef.svg This user is a bass.
Music ClefG.svg This user is a music composer.
choir This user sings in a choir.
perc-3 This user is an advanced percussionist.
vln-3 This user is an advanced violinist.
vla-2 This user is an intermediate viola player.
voc-2 This user is an intermediate vocalist.
mba-2 This user is an intermediate marimbist.
bell-2 This user is an intermediate handbell player.
mvx-2 This user is an intermediate keyboard percussionist.
pno-1 This user is a novice pianist.
Basketball.png This user plays basketball.
{ {userbox border-c = #909090 id = Wikipedia id-c = #fff 維基百科
I support the Chinese language Wikipedia with my contributions.
info-c = #D0E9FF info-op = text-align:center; usercategory = Wikipedians who contribute to the Chinese Wikipedia nocat = }}
# of users There are currently 32,940,085 users on Wikipedia, and this user is one of them.