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Fobox is an assisted bot created by Flankk. Note that this is an assisted bot, not a regular bot; every change made by this bot is approved by a human. When the bot becomes stable enough, it will become an approved bot and make edits with no human assistance.

This bot does not vandalize pages and should be expected to make a large number of edits. This account is not a sock puppet. If this bot makes any changes you disagree with, bring it up on the talk page.


This bot was designed to create infoboxes for film-related pages or stubs that don't include them. The bot's name, Fobox, is simply derived from (in)Fobox. The bot is written in Python and uses IMDbPY to load relevant data from the IMDb. Also, the bot uses the PyWikipediaBot to interface with Wikipedia.

This bot may expand to creating infoboxes for pages other than just films in the future. At this point, however, it can only be expected to make edits to film-related pages.

Here is a basic overview of how the bot functions:

  • Bot scours through the Films that need an infobox
  • Bot reads the page source code in search of an imdb template
  • Bot then retrieves the info for that film from the local IMDb database
  • Bot intelligently creates a template from the information, noting any red links
  • Bot saves the template to the Wikipedia page
  • Bot removes the needs infobox parameter from the film's talk page

It will be a policy of the bot to exclude information instead of including false or mangled data. Since this bot will be adding large amounts of information to Wikipedia, this policy will be strongly enforced.


If this bot makes any changes you disagree with, bring it up on the talk page.

If you would like to discuss the development of this bot or contribute to its codebase, contact the bot creator, Flankk.