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I joined Wikipedia on November 2, 2009. I graduated from the George Washington University in Washington, DC on May 16, 2010 with a B.A. in German and international economics.

If you know anything about how to officially publish an audio interview, so that it can be cited, please leave a comment on My talk.

Inspirational quotes[edit]


During 2010 I became increasingly interesting in music from various regions within Mali, and Africa more generally. This interest is evidenced by my contributions to several applicable pages (i.e. Barthélémy Attisso, Orchestra Baobab, Ali and Toumani, In the Heart of the Moon, Niafunké, Tinariwen and Tassili). I believe that the following quote from Ali Farka Touré represents my motivation to contribute to these articles.[1]

If you know something and don't want to share it, then you are selfish. You came after someone, and someone else will come after you. You can't learn the entire sea by heart. No. This is why God created waves in the river and in the sea. Some leave, and some come. Everyone needs to participate in making sure our culture is healthy, in helping preserve our heritage. And today in Mali, in Bamako, we are working so very hard to fight against the way the Third World is being plundered. And I hope that we will succeed.

I believe Moby expressed a Makers mentality in an interview with MADE in Berlin after the release event for his 2011 record, Destroyed.

I come from a strange creative, artistic family... and I guess I'm really grateful for that because when I was growing up I was brought up with this idea that everyone should make things and everyone should create things.

— Richard M. Hall, MADE[2]


I have been a fan of D.C. United since 2007 and a supporter of the United States Men's National Soccer Team for much longer. After winning the 1999 MLS Cup Jeff Agoos, a D.C. United Hall of Tradition inductee, put American soccer in an appropriate context.[3]

We want the same respect as top teams around the world, like Real Madrid and Manchester United. That's our aim. It's a learning process. We're only four years old. These clubs, when they were four years old, it's hard to say if they had the same success. What we have done in four years is incredible, absolutely incredible.

Before the game Sigi Schmid, the Galaxy head coach, recognized United's prowess when he stated, "We want to thank United for inviting us to their annual championship game."[4]

Former player and current head coach of D.C. United, Ben Olsen, had a unique strategy for the 2004 MLS Cup. He stated:

I'm just going to run around like a maniac and we'll see what we can do.[5]


I have a suggestion for Microsoft — no fancy programming required. Just let us users hang out a "Do Not Distrub" sign. Then leave us alone. We're dreaming.

— Ellen Ullman, The New York Times[6]


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