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Battle Pirates

Battle Pirates is a strategy game with PvP synchronous combat. The game takes place in the year 2067, where, due to a terrorist-sparked world war and a 95% extinction level, only a small amount of Earth’s original landmass and population remains. The remaining survivors are split into two factions: the Forsaken, the impoverished who rely on engineering hacks, guerilla warfare, and piracy, and the oppressive Draconian Empire, the once elite citizens who have now become a giant military complex. Players build an island base, place defensive turrets and create armored ships. Battle Pirates also allows for customization and personalization of armadas. The game is the only browser-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game with a 24/7 persistent environment on Facebook.Harbin explained the game as the "first synchronous real time strategy of its kind, and we’re very proud of that." Battle Pirates is focused on player-versus-player gameplay. The game has 1,100,000 monthly active users and 220,000 daily active users (as of April 2012).

Some people would also describe the game as a mmorpg. The Game is developed and maintained by Kixeye who has also created other games such as Backyard Monsters and War commander. Battle Pirates is also fast trending game and is more targeted at gamers.

There is usually a few raids which involves attacking draconian fleets or draconian bases.In the latest raid which started on the 18TH of October it included defending a few hubs enemy fleets.