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Formulaonewiki is a Wikipedian from the Channel Islands. I am a big sports fan, including (but not limited to) football, snooker, tennis, Formula One, athletics and golf, and often find myself making small edits when reading through articles related to sport. Aside from sport, I edit a variety of articles, often making small improvements to whatever I happen to be reading. I am keen to improve the coverage of the Channel Islands on Wikipedia. Currently, I am trying to get Elizabeth College, Guernsey to Good Article status.


After making half-a-dozen small IP edits on various Formula One related articles, I realised I should probably make an account of my own. Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling very imaginative that day when the time came to invent a username, so here we are.

GA nominations[edit]

I have made a significant number of edits to Lewis Hamilton and submitted it for GA nomination, which it passed.

Things to do[edit]

Just to name a few:

Signature test[edit]

This is my signature. Formulaonewiki 06:47, 12 April 2019 (UTC)