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Hi, my name is Chad. The user name FortDJ33 was created at a time when I was a DJ for 92.3 The Fort, and I was 33 years old. You can find me on several other websites with the same user name, including Facebook, Flickr, Hulu, MySpace, Yahoo! and YouTube. I don't like to describe myself with a lot of subjective characteristics, because that's for other people to decide. But I do enjoy making people laugh and smile, I can carry on an intelligent conversation, and I value all of the friendships that I have made online.

I currently work as a Production Associate for WFWA, PBS 39, in master control at WPTA, ABC 21, and also as a DJ hosting 80s Spotlight on WELT, 95.7 FM. My background is in radio, though I have an extensive collection of movies, music, and comic books, and I enjoy creating and maintaining Wikipedia articles on all of those subjects. I have also spent time fixing links (especially those to disambiguation pages), updating and sorting stubs into proper categories, and of course backing up my edits with references. Feel free to drop me a line, if you have a question about me, or any of the edits that I've made!


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