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— Wikipedian Male —
Name Jesse
Born Nuvola cake 5.png October 8 1983
New York (state) Schenectady, NY
Nationality German, Polish
Current location New York (state) Buffalo, NY
Height 5' 11
Weight 170 lbs

About me[edit]



I have created the following (new) articles:[edit]

1 Nancy_Rubins 10 Holy_Angels_Church_(Buffalo,_New_York) 19 SPoT Coffee
2 Leece-Neville 11 St._Louis_Roman_Catholic_Church 20 Buffalo Rising‎
3 Prestolite_Electric 12 St._Gerard's_Roman_Catholic_Church 21 Great Northern Elevator
4 Buffalo_Forge_Company 13 Grace_Evangelical_Lutheran_Church_(Buffalo,_New_York) 22 HARBORcenter
5 The_Avant 14 All_Saints_Roman_Catholic_Church_(Buffalo,_New_York) 23 Edward A. Rath County Office Building
6 East_Line_Union_Cemetery 15 T.O.'s_Honey_Toasted_Oats 23 250 Delaware Avenue
7 Larkin_Terminal_Warehouse 16 Saint_Mary_of_Sorrows_Roman_Catholic_Church 24 Erie County Savings Bank
8 Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse 17 St._Francis_de_Sales_Roman_Catholic_Church_(Buffalo,_New_York) 25 CannonDesign
9 Temple_Beth_Zion_(Buffalo,_New_York) 18 Buffalo Savings Bank

A Few Of My Photos[edit]


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