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I'm Jackson Heuer. I mostly work on Chinese Legalist related pages. I wrote most of the Chinese Legalism page (credit to my sources of course), and much of the Han Fei, Guan Zhong and Book of Lord Shang pages, though the subpages aren't that developed right now. I created and largely completed the Li Shanchang page utilizing available materials. I wrote the Definition and "Early development and political usage" sections of the Wu wei page, and much of the Huang-Lao page.

I started working on a Gongsun Hong page apparently around the same time as Bigturtle created the current page. I am currently occupied with a job training.

Lesser contributions[edit]

I wrote the the introductory paragraph to Zhang Juzheng and the current sourced second paragraph of the Guanzi (text) and Zoroastrian pages, dividing up some of the latter page's longer sections otherwise reformatting the introduction and a couple new sections. I did a minor amount of work on the Meiji Restoration, and the introduction to Xun Kuang.

I reformatted and otherwise created the greater Fengjian page by merging the well-field system and Feudalism in Ancient China pages with it, as suggested by the latter page. At one point I tried to reformat the Master of Orion and Chu-Han contention pages, and the introductions to the Han Dynasty, Chu (state), Kushan Empire, Liu Bang pages. But they have probably been edited since then.

I imported text from the Russian for the Criticize Lin, Criticize Confucius page, as requested by it, and reformatted the first part of the Xi Jinping page at one point, which lacked detail for one of it's sources.