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Foxhunt King


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Wow this is old[edit]

I just realized I haven't edited this in years. I'm not going to edit it now, but I wanted to put a disclaimer here that, wow, this is outdated.

My username:[edit]

First of all, I do not hunt fox. This name goes back to the game SOCOM II that has a map called Foxhunt. For awhile, I led a clan called "Foxhunt Masters" that was one of the best clans at this map. However, my PS2 broke and I didn't play the game for about 6 months, my name got erased, and my clan disbanded - since then I've stopped playing SOCOM.

Classes I've taken[edit]


  • Germany Since 1914
  • Issues: 20th Century Crisis
  • 20th Century Europe: the Nazi Era
  • First World War
  • Modern Warfare, 1500-present
  • War & Peace in the 20th Century
  • Medieval Intellectual History, 1150-1500
  • Hellenistic World & Rome
  • Modern European Imperialism


  • Engineering Problem Solving I and II
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE) 1st year seminar
  • CEE Engineering Practice
  • CEE Sophomore Seminar
  • Professional Seminar - Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Math II (multi-variable calculus)
  • " III (matrix algebra)
  • " IV (differential equations)
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Principles of Chemistry I
  • Introduction to Physics I & II
  • Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electrical Circuits
  • Statics
  • Principles of Structural Engineering
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Deformable Bodies
  • Natural Environmental Systems

General Education

  • Rhetoric: Speaking & Reading
  • Interpretation of Literature
  • Third-year French
  • Introduction to Politics
  • Introduction to Buddhism
  • Consequences of War
  • Philosophy and the Just Society

Recent news[edit]

  • I've developed a habit of "contributing on-the-go." What I mean by that is I'll read something (say, Homer's Iliad) and when I come to a minor character I'll look it up on here, and contribute any information I have. As opposed to one person researching a topic in-depth and writing up an article all at once, I believe that if many people contribute small amounts of information (citing them as much as possible without going overboard), a person can come along later and rewrite the article in a final form. One person writing an entire article isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's highly likely that they won't have every single source available all at once. Aside from my personal views on the subject, this seems to be the way the average user contributes - often I'll come along and rewrite an article that has a lot of information fragments.


Noteworthy Articles I've created[edit]

Articles I've put a lot of work into[edit]


  • Family tree of important Romans [[1]]]
  • Animation of the Battle of Zama [[2]]
  • Battle of Pharsalus [[3]]
  • Chart showing states' years of participation in the Thirty Years' War [4]

Contact information[edit]

  • YM: Foxhunt King

Inspired by facebook, I wanted to give other users a chance to post stuff on my profile, so if you want to say anything, feel free (just don't be an ass).

My wall[edit]

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