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"I am not, ocntrary [sic] to the false headline, engaged in any search." ( "Jimmy Wales" in a comment to the ITpro article[1])

In reality though:

"I looked for a couple of variant spellings and found nothing, so I asked to see if others could find anything." (a post by User:Jimbo Wales [2] on his talk page, after he had been warned about the potential of violating outing in that thread)

Still, in his own opinion (On Slashdot), "My actions at Wikipedia around this were perfectly honorable and noble and did not violate any rules of any kind." YMMV...

Like the Signpost said: "According to Der Spiegel, Wales told them it was the community that had asked questions about Snowden's activities on Wikipedia, while he himself had warned against an outing – a statement that seems hard to reconcile with the discussions that took place on his talk page and at the administrators' noticeboard."

Honesty can be fun as well though

From an article I recently edited; "Getting to [...] is very easy. One can hire a taxi, mini bus, auto rickshaw or a metro taxi from anywhere in the city to reach there." Well duh :-D