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Who I am[edit]

I was born in 1967 in Skegness, Lincolnshire. I grew up for the most part in Merseyside, in particular West Kirby and took a degree in Mathematics and a diploma in Computer Science at Cambridge University. I had a complicated and varied career after that, culminating in my working as a systems administrator for Apama (UK) Ltd.

I decided to quit computing and become a lawyer. I am currently a junior barrister in 169 Temple Chambers, which is near Blackfriars in London.

It is too early to say that I specialise in anything in particular, though I have had a lot of experience of Employment Law, currently the bulk of my work is in property and chancery law. I particularly enjoy English Legal History and enjoy reading the Year Books in bed (the early years of Edward II being particularly enjoyable).

Though it is the kind of thing that is said rather hesitantly, I suspect that I am a polymath. I do tend to focus on Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Mediaeval History and Linguistics; but I enjoy almost anything (for example I used to be mad on Biochemistry when I was very young).

Only recently after working very hard to qualify has there been time to contemplate outside activities. At the moment they are really just in the contemplation. In the past I have enjoyed Amateur Dramatics, Bellringing, Ballroom dancing, Climbing, Cross Country Running, Korfball.

I have recently taken up indoor climbing and hope to persuade my wife to accompany me outside in due course.

About me[edit]

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