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Francis KaswahiliKaguna
Born Francis
15 April 1961
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
Children 6

Francis Kaswahili is an Activist of Intellectual Property Composer from Dar Es Salaam, Mwanza, Tanzania.

Francis Kaswahili Francis Kaswahili was born in Dar Es Salaam (15th April 1961[1]), and studied Plimary School, Secondary School, National Voccation Training Centre. He worked in a variety of jobs - including secretary General, to the non-governmental Organisations, Music Composer as an Solo artist, Founder of Tanzania Music Copiright Association, Founder of Tanzania Music Federation of Tanzania, .

Francis Kaswahili attended the Copyright Symposium in 1993, Dar Es salaam Wipo Copyright Syimposium Arusha in 1995, Contributed of songs to the Radio fredom of South africa, Singer oif the Song of Mwakelepo Namibia in 1993, Invited by CISAC to participate in the meeting of African Committee at Mangochi, Malawi. At the same time Francis Kaswahili is Directingf Film, but is best known as a African Poems singer. A founder of Wikimedia Tanzania in 2013. Francis Kaswahili have been noted for sharply-drawn comrnts in cultural dabetes, and he is very intelligent and deeply thought-out approach to the Comunity issues. Many of Tanzanian were adimired on how he conducted the Election of Young African Sports Club, he is contrubution to wikimedia program of sports known as Kizaazaa.

Francis Kaswahili was announced in December 2012 as the Coordinator of the Wikimania 2013, and a Coordinator of Wikimania 2014 Bids Arusha , Tanzania. A number of Tanzanian know are very interested with Wikimedia Since Tanzanians remain a potential contenders of London City.

Francis Kaswahili Kaguna announced by Media in December 2012 as a 2nd time bider of Wikimania 2014 Arusha, Tanzania and he is the on makes me to like searching information in Wikimeda hoping to become a bigest wikimedian.



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