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Pending a resolution of certain fellow contributors' recognition of fair use doctrine and copyright expiration , my Trans World Airlines images and most of my document imaging samples are unavailable here . Some of them are available on my project website .


I still have one sample that demonstrates the power of DjVu technology . This Henry Ware Junior sermon , The Personality of the Deity , is encoded solely in monochrome DjVu . Note that the entire twenty-four-page booklet consumes little more than a megabyte of space . Also note that is one of the most beautiful and forceful sermons ever written. This is perhaps why it has not yet been removed .


I have two versions of the Stix logo . One is formatted for minimal bounding box size . The other is formatted for printing on letter paper . Both are in vector form , and , for some reason , have not been removed for resembling images that look copyrightable .

StixB1.4.svg StixB1.3.svg