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Welcome to the Wikipedia page of FrankCM! My name is Francesco Cerioli.

I'm a guy from Brescia, a city in the region of Lombardy in northern Italy; I attend the graduate courses of electronic engineering faculty at University of Brescia. I'm a webmaster and I love IT and electronics.

My love of electronics[edit]

I grew up between silicon dies and programming language manuals.. growing up, I learned to assemble a PC or to use basic programming languages; my thirst for knowledge was still great so I decided to go to electronic engineer faculty. IMHO electronics is the foundation of IT, which is one of most important field of our years' I love to understand how electronic devices work and I'm thrilled when I succeed at designing analog or digital circuits.

I'm a Mac User (but also Windows User for professional matters) and a proud BlackBerry owner! ;)

My love of USA[edit]

I have a strong passion for USA... I love USA!! I visit the States every year (usually on September); I've been in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Jose, Santa Monica, New York, Miami (I've lost my heart in South Beach), Key West (Conch Republic rulez!!), Williams (Arizona, on Route 66) and also wonderful places like Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion National Park, Everglades...

You can see more detailed info about my US trips at

I love USA and I also love American TV Series! Especially I like The Shield, Nip/Tuck, CSI, CSI Miami and Desperate Housewives. Recently I doscvered also Rescue Me! My favorite TV series is Damages!

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