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My name is Frank Waaldijk, my current profession is visual artist (see my website visual artist frank waaldijk here) but I also hold a PhD in the foundations of mathematics, specializing in intuitionism and intuitionistic topology.

When I find the time I will first contribute in the field of mathematics (where there is usually comparatively little discussion, which is what I prefer). As stated my knowledge and interests are primarily in the areas of mathematical foundations, intuitionism and topology.

Maybe I will contribute in other areas also, later.

Please feel free to contact me in a friendly way with questions, remarks and comments. I'm also available for meaningful discussions, but my trust in human language is limited.

gran canaria ii (acrylics on artist's board, 2003)

Lately I have started two weblogs, to give a number of thoughts on art and on spirituality a findable place. They can be found here: frank waaldijk visual artist and pitfalls of spirituality.

Even more lately, I started a math & science & philosophy blog.