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I oppose the #GG ArbCom sanctions[1][2][3][4], and will not be funding, editing, or otherwise supporting WP until sanity is restored.

{{Old IP warnings top}}[edit]

I think Wikipedia is far too charitable to anonymous IP editors. My rule would be:

Action Taken
1 warning
2 1 week anon-block
3 2 month anon-block
4+ 1 year anon-block

...with some sort of appeals process (there is one already, right?)

And I would use a similarly broad brush to block IP ranges with migratory vandals. If 3 or more IP addresses within the same /24 (Class C) commit multiple vandalisms in the same week, anon-block all 256 IPs as above. Continue the process for 3 or more /24s in the same /16 if needed.


Emailing the school district webmaster can often shut down vandals from K-12 IP ranges.