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Did you Knows (DYKs) contributed to[edit]

... that Shen Jilan (pictured) successfully proposed the clause of equal pay for equal work in China's first constitution in 1954, and is still serving as a congresswoman 55 years later?

Articles Created[edit]

Article Year WProject
Anstruther Lifeboat Station 2020 RNLI
Kinghorn Lifeboat Station 2020 RNLI
Andrea Michelle Velasco Barrera 2020 Women in Red
María José Marenco 2020 Women in Red
Juana Pavón 2020 Women in Red
Julia Esquivel 2020 Women in Red
Tsering Dolma 2019 Women in Red
Pu Jiexiu 2019 Women in Red
Shen Jilan 2019 Women in Red
Namgyal Lhamo Taklha 2019 Women in Red
Katrin Böhning-Gaese 2019 Women in Red
Ulla Preeden 2019 Women in Red
Millarca Valenzuela 2019 Women in Red
Farida Abiyeva 2019 Women in Red
National Federation of Women Workers GA candidate.svg 2018 Women in Red
Eyemouth Lifeboat Station 2014 RNLI
St Abbs Lifeboat Station 2014 RNLI
Dean Castle 2006 Scottish Castles
Dundonald Castle 2006 Scottish Castles
Bergschrund 2005