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hello is me bye bye, other counts ; User:Argosy, User:FrankyLeRetoir and User:FLR

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Wikimedia logo family complete-2013.svgThis user has created a global account. FrankyLeRoutier's main account is on Wikipedia (in French).
Wikimediacanada-logo.pngI am a supporter of
Wikimedia Canada
Public domainThis user comes from Canada.
Flag of Quebec.svgThis user is proud to come from Quebec.
Flag of Montreal.svgThis user comes from Montreal.
This Wikipedian was born on 20 April 1973 and is 46 years, 3 months, and 30 days old.
Truck icon.pngThis user is a member of WikiProject Trucks.
Wikimania Montreal.svgWikimania Montreal 2011
I supported the bid of Montreal.
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This user is employed as a Professional Truck Driver
Stilles Mineralwasser.jpgThis user exercises regularly and drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated.
frCet utilisateur a pour langue maternelle le français.
en-1This user can contribute with a basic level of English.
es-0Este usuario no entiende español (o lo entiende con mucha dificultad).
This user cannot speak or contribute in Spanish.
it-0Questo utente non capisce l'italiano.
Userbox-single.svgThis user is single.
Autism Awareness Ribbon.pngThis user has
Opera 2015 icon.svgThis user contributes using Opera.
OCR-A char Greater-Than Sign.svgThis user's Internet service provider is Vidéotron.
Bell logo.svgThis user's Internet service provider is Bell Internet.
Optimusprimealtmoviemode.jpgThis user loves Transformers.
Tux Paint pink cake.svgThis user loves Desserts.
Hund003.gifThis user loves dogs.
Olympic pictogram Sailing.svgThis user loves water sports.
Formula one pictogram.pngThis user is interested in Formula One.
Speech balloon.svgThis user reads comic books.
LEGO brick.pngThis user is a fan of LEGO.
Artist’s view of an exoplanet inspired by the discovery of Gliese 876 d.jpgThis user reads science fiction.
Television.pngThis user watches a lot of television.