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My name is Fred Hsu. I was surprised to find a general lack of information on autostereograms when I attempted to write a program to produce such images. I promised myself to come back and edit my first wikipedia entry after I reverse-engineered the creation process of various forms of autostereograms from Magic Eye picture books. I verified my theory against the excellent discussion on stereogram in Pinker's How the Mind Works and by writing a program to generate autostereograms. March 2005.

The Autostereogram entry is now expanded to include detailed explanation of the visual trick and the process with which these amazing images are created. I am sure this won't be my last wikipedia edit. March 2005.

I am going through old pictures of my saltwater fish tanks to see if I can't reuse some of these pictures to enhance wikipedia pages on various kinds of fish. I am starting with Yellow Tang. Oct 2005.

I decided to rewrite articles on books by Richard Dawkins, starting with River Out of Eden. July 2006. Edited Snow Crash, Nov 2006.

Recently, I started to seriously upload images to the Commons. I then slowly create/modify relevant wiki pages such as Corona Heights Park and Monterey Bay Aquarium to link to them. January 2007.

More recent work involve reorganizing, rewriting and expanding articles on evolution, such as Mitochondrial Eve and Most recent common ancestor. February 2007. Also helped folks copyedit FA candidates such as Ocean sunfish (now a FA article), etc. June 2007.

Contributed to the demise of most ancient common ancestor. Managed to delete Species integration. July-August 2007.

Expanded rendezvous points one by one in The Ancestor's Tale. Created long overdue parental expenditure. July-Nov 2007. Renamed to Fisher's principle in 2008.

In the process of cleaning up Last Common Ancestor. Nov 2007.

Next in my edit list: History of salt, salt, edible salt, Color blindness, Color vision and color. March 2007.

2009: Uploaded pictures to: Iguana (commons), Caneel Bay (commons), Caneel Beach, Hawksnest Bay, Scott Beach, Turtle Bay, Turtle Point Trail, Trunk Bay (commons), Magens Bay (commons), Cruz Bay (commons), etc. Uploaded Bronx Zoo pictures.

Uploaded pictures for: Port Washington, New York, Manhasset Bay, Baxter Estates, New York, commons:Category:Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, commons:Category:Port Washington, New York, commons:Category:Manhasset Bay, commons:Category:Baxter Estates, New York, commons:Category:Nassau County, New York, commons:Category:Manhasset Bay Yacht Club, etc.

2010: Uploaded pictures to: HaiAn Range, CiSingTan Bay, HuaLien County, HuaLien City, Taroko Gorge, Centrol Cross-Island Highway, Paddy fields in Taiwan, Farming in Taiwan, Cycling in Taiwan, CiHu Mausoleom, commons:Category:Suhua Highway, etc. Used some in articles in both English and Chinese.

2011: created a new 'basic concepts' section in nuclear fuel cycle after searching in vain for similar material. Same in zh:核燃料循环 in Chinese. After rewriting and expanding zh:簡化字, and most specifically the '簡化方法' section, I did the same with Simplified Chinese characters and rewrote the corresponding 'Method of simplification' section.

Rewrote most recent common ancestor completely yet again, after the last clean up in 2009. Along with useful information, garbage piled up over time. Garbage is gone.

Uploaded better pictures of Mohonk Mountain House to Commons. Found homes for these images in enwiki.

2012: working on topics related to the Xinhai Revolution of 1911, especially those centered around the forgotten hero, Yung Wing. Uploaded images such as commons:Category:Yung Wing, and edited related articles.

2021: Overhauled chopsticks. Compare the prior version before the overhaul, to the completed version).

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For your fantastic work and outstanding contributions to the Autostereogram article. It's a great article, largely thanks to you.SweetNeo85 02:31, 8 September 2006 (UTC)
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for listening to criticism, incorporating it, and being polite. Particularly on the Most recent common ancestor page. Jabberwoch (talk) 02:21, 25 January 2012 (UTC)


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