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I am a PhD student in biology at the University of Mississippi and have a BS degree in ecology and environmental sciences from the University of Maine. I have worked twice for both the U.S. Forest Service and National Park Service. Despite being an ecologist, my efforts on Wikipedia tend to focus on protected areas, especially lesser known areas such as National Forests, state wildlife/conservation areas, and wilderness areas/wilderness study areas. I have also created many articles on geographic features that generally have little information already available online, such as smaller lakes and streams, as opposed to mountains. I intend to one day link this page with my true identity on my professional website (still in development), but for now you view can other contributions of mine online under the alias of Fredlyfish4 below.

A large proportion of my edits are deleted edits because I have transferred hundreds of files from Wikipedia to the Commons via For the Common Good and CommonsHelper. About half of my non-deleted edits are in the talk namespace because I have taken on the task of assessing all the incompletely assessed articles in protected areas WikiProject. I have 21 quality images on the Commons and have successfully nominated 1 featured picture (on Commons and here) and 4 quality images from other contributors. Additionally, I have also uploaded many more photos with appropriate licenses from other sites, such as Flickr via Flickr2Commons.

Contributing to Wikipedia provides a means for people anywhere to easily and freely obtain information that they may not otherwise have access to. I think that creating new articles is a major hurdle to many people contributing their own knowledge. So, by creating articles with at least the most basic and essential information, other people will be more likely to contribute and expand the articles.

Articles I've created or substantially contributed to:[edit]

I have created at least 516 articles on Wikipedia and have made significant contributions to many others. Below is an incomplete list of articles that I have either created or made significant contributions to.

Protected Areas[edit]

Allenton Access, Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area, Bellefontaine Conservation Area, Big Arm State Park, Big Cottonwood Wildlife Management Area, Big Slough Wilderness, Billingsley Creek Wildlife Management Area, Bismarck Conservation Area, Black Canyon Wilderness, Black Canyon Wilderness Study Area, Black Canyon Wilderness Study Area (Gooding County, Idaho), Boise River Wildlife Management Area, Boundary Creek Wildlife Management Area, Blackfoot River Wildlife Management Area, Blanchette Landing Access, Blue Springs Creek Conservation Area, Bootleg Access, Brown's Ford Access, Buford Mountain Conservation Area, Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area, Carey Lake Wildlife Management Area, Cartier Slough Wildlife Management Area, Castle Rocks State Park, Cecil D. Andrus Wildlife Management Area, C.J. Strike Wildlife Management Area, Coeur d'Alene Parkway State Park, Coeur d'Alene River Wildlife Management Area, Craig Mountain Wildlife Management Area, Deer Parks Wildlife Management Area, Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area, Dworshak State Park, Emmenegger Nature Park, Engelmann Woods Natural Area, Farragut Wildlife Management Area, Forest 44 Conservation Area, Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area, Georgetown Summit Wildlife Management Area, Gooding City of Rocks East Wilderness Study Area, Gooding City of Rocks West Wilderness Study Area, Greensfelder County Park, Hagerman Wildlife Management Area, Hawk Springs State Recreation Area, Hirundo Wildlife Refuge, John N and Melba S Anderson Memorial Conservation Area, LaBarque Creek Conservation Area, Lake Cascade State Park, Lake Walcott State Park, Land of the Yankee Fork State Park, Little City of Rocks Wilderness Study Area, List of Idaho wildlife management areas, Featured listList of U.S. National Forests, List of wilderness study areas, Lone Elk County Park, Lucky Peak State Park, Market Lake Wildlife Management Area, McArthur Lake Wildlife Management Area, Meramec Conservation Area, Montour Wildlife Management Area, Montpelier Wildlife Management Area, Mud Lake Wildlife Management Area, Myron and Sonya Glassberg Family Conservation Area, Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area, Ntokou-Pikounda National Park, Payette River Wildlife Management Area, Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area, Ponderosa State Park, Portneuf Wildlife Management Area, Possum Woods Conservation Area, Priest Lake State Park, Raymond Gary State Park, Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Red River Wildlife Management Area, Rockwoods Range Conservation Area, Rockwoods Reservation, Round Lake State Park, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area, Featured articleSawtooth National Forest, Sawtooth Wilderness, Seminoe State Park, Snow Peak Wildlife Management Area, Sterling Wildlife Management Area, St. Maries Wildlife Management Area, Talimena State Park, Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area, Three Island Crossing State Park, Twin Peaks Wilderness, United States National Grassland, West Tyson County Park, Winchester Lake State Park

Mountain Ranges[edit]

Albion Mountains, Black Pine Mountains, Boulder Mountains (Idaho), Lemhi Range, Pine Valley Mountains, Pioneer Mountains (Idaho), Raft River Mountains, Sawtooth Range (Idaho), Smoky Mountains (Idaho), Sublett Range, Soldier Mountains, White Cloud Mountains

Mountain Peaks[edit]

Alpine Peak, Alpine Peak (Idaho), Altair Peak, Angel's Perch, Backdrop Peak, Baker Peak, Baron Peak, Bauneg Beg Mountain, Bear Peak, Bear Peak (Blaine County, Idaho), Bell Mountain (Lemhi Range), Bell Mountain (San Bernardino County, California), Bible Back Mountain, Bible Back Mountain (Idaho), Big Boy Peak, Big Creek Peak, Big Creek Peak (Lemhi County, Idaho), Big Peak, Big Peak (Camas County, Idaho), Blackmon Peak, Black Pine Mountains High Point, Black Pine Cone, Black Pine Peak, Boardman Peak, Braxon Peak, Brian Head Peak, Brocky Peak, Bromaghin Peak, Bull Mountain (Utah), Buttercup Mountain, Cache Peak, Cache Peak (Idaho), Camas County Highpoint, Carbonate Mountain (Idaho), Castle Peak (Idaho), Calkins Peak, Cerro Ciento, Chinese Wall (Idaho), Cirque Lake Peak, Cobb Peak, Cobb Peak (Idaho), Croseus Peak, Crystal Peak (Box Elder County, Utah), Dave's Peak, Decker Peak, Devils Bedstead East, Diamond Peak (Idaho), D. O. Lee Peak, Dollarhide Mountain, Donaldson Peak, Duncan's Peak, Ebony Peak, El Capitan (Idaho), Elk Peak, Elk Peak (Idaho), Flatiron Mountain, Flatiron Mountain (Lemhi County, Idaho), Fourth of July Peak, Fourth of July Peak (Custer County, Idaho) George Peak, Glassford Peak, Goat Mountain (Blaine County, Idaho), Graham Peak, Graham Peak (Cassia County, Idaho), Grand Mogul, Griffin Butte, Horstmann Peak, Horton Peak, Hyndman Peak, Imogene Peak, Iron Mountain (Idaho), Kelly Mountain, Kelly Mountain (Blaine County, Idaho), Kent Peak, Kent Peak (Boulder Mountains, Idaho), Lead Mountain, Leatherman Peak, Little Diamond Peak, Lookout Mountain (Custer County, Idaho), Lonesome Lake Peak, Lost River Peak, Lower Titus Peak, Mahoney Butte, McDonald Peak (Blaine County, Idaho), McGown Peak, Merriam Peak, Merriam Peak, Merriam Peak (Idaho), Merritt Peak, Merritt Peak (Idaho), Mickey's Spire, Moolack Mountain, Moolack Mountain (Idaho), Mount Breitenbach, Mount Carter (Idaho), Mount Church (Idaho), Mount Cramer, Mount Harrison, Mount Harrison (Idaho), Mount Heyburn, Mount Idaho (mountain), Mount Independence, Mount Independence (Idaho), Mount Iowa, Mount Limbert, Mount Regan, Mount Regan (Idaho), Nicholson Peak, No Regret Peak, Norton Peak, Old Hyndman Peak, Packrat Peak, Paradise Peak, Paradise Peak (Idaho), Parks Peak, Parks Peak (Blaine County, Idaho), Patterson Peak, Patterson Peak (Custer County, Idaho), Payette Peak, Peak 11,272 (White Cloud Mountains), Pegasus Peak, Prairie Creek Peak, Pyramid Peak (Custer County, Idaho), The Riddler (Idaho), Ryan Peak (Idaho), Salzburger Spitzl, Saviers Peak, Sevy Peak, Shoshone John Peak, Signal Peak (Utah), Skillern Peak, Smoky Dome, Smoky Mountain (Idaho), Snowyside Peak, Standhope Peak, Sublett Range High Point, Thompson Peak (Idaho), Thunder Mountain (Cassia County, Idaho), Titus Peak, USGS Peak, Warbonnet Peak, Warbonnet Peak (Idaho), Washington Peak, Washington Peak (Idaho), Watson Peak, Watson Peak (Custer County, Idaho), White Cloud Peak 1, White Cloud Peak 2, White Cloud Peak 3, White Cloud Peak 4, White Cloud Peak 5, White Cloud Peak 6, White Cloud Peak 7, White Cloud Peak 8, White Cloud Peak 9, White Cloud Peak 10, Williams Peak, Williams Peak (Custer County, Idaho)

List of mountains of Maine, List of peaks of the Sawtooth Range (Idaho), Mountain peaks of Missouri, Mountain peaks of Texas


Alidade Lake, Alice Lake (Sawtooth Wilderness), Alpine Lake (Northern Sawtooth Wilderness), Alpine Lake (Central Sawtooth Wilderness), Alturas Lake, Ardeth Lake, Arrowhead Lake (Idaho), Azure Lake (Idaho), Baker Lake (Blaine County, Idaho), Baker Lake (Idaho), Baron Lake (Idaho), Bear Lake (Idaho), Bear Pond, Bear Pond (Hancock County, Maine), Beddington Lake, Bench Lakes (Idaho), Benedict Lake, Big Boulder Lakes, Big Fall Creek Lake, Big Lost Lake, Bluebox Lake, Blue Jay Lake, Blue Rock Lake, Boardman Lake (Idaho), Born Lakes, Boulder Chain Lakes, Boulder Lake (Idaho), Bowknot Lake, Braxon Lake, Browns Lake (Idaho), Camp Lake (Idaho), Casino Lakes, Chamberlain Lakes, Champion Lakes (Idaho), Castle Lake (Idaho), Chalk Lake, Chalk Lake (Chaffee County, Colorado), Chickadee Lake, Cliff Lake (Idaho), Cirque Lake, Confusion Lake, Cony Lake, Cornice Lake, Cove Lake, Crater Lake (Idaho), Crooked Lake (Idaho), Crystal Creek Reservoir, Dandy Lake, Diamond Lake (Idaho), Dike Lake, Dollar Lake (Blaine County, Idaho), Edith Lake, Edna Lake, Elk Lake (Sawtooth Wilderness), Emerald Lake (Idaho), Everly Lake, Farley Lake, Feather Lakes (Idaho), Four Lakes (Idaho), Fourth of July Lake, Frog Lake (Idaho), Garland Lakes, Gentian Lake, Glacier Lake, Glacier Lake (Idaho), Goat Lake (Sawtooth Wilderness), Goat Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Governor’s Punch Bowl, Gunsight Lake (Idaho), Hatchet Lake (Idaho), Headwall Lake, Heart Lake (Idaho), Heart Lake (Soldier Mountains), Heart Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Hell Roaring Lake, Hidden Lake (Sawtooth Wilderness), Hidden Lake (White Cloud Mountains), The Hole (lake), Hoodoo Lake, Hook Lake, Hourglass Lake (Idaho), Hummock Lake, Imogene Lake, Independence Lake, Independence Lakes, Island Lake (Idaho), Island Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Jimmy Smith Lake, Johnson Lake (Idaho), Lake Cleveland, Lake Ingeborg, Lake Kathryn (Idaho), Lake Sapphire, The Kettles, Leah Lake, Leggit Lake, Lily Lake (Idaho), Limber Lake, Linkins Lake, Little Baron Lake, Little Frog Lake, Little Lost Lake, Little Redfish Lake, Little Redfish Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Little Spangle Lake, Little Warbonnet Lake, Lodgepole Lake, Logjam Lake, Lonesome Lake, Lost Man Lake, Lower Bead Lake, Lower Cramer Lake, Lower Deadwood Lake, Lower Deer Lake, Lower Hanson Lake, Lower Norton Lake, Lower Smoky Dome Lake, Low Pass Lake, Lows Lake, Lucille Lake (Idaho), Marshall Lake (Idaho), McDonald Lake (Idaho), McGown Lakes, McWillards Lake, Meadow Lake (Idaho), Middle Cramer Lake, Middle Hanson Lake, Mill Lake, Miner Lake, Mushroom Lake, Neck Lake, Noisy Lake, North Amber Lake, North Fork Lake (Blaine County, Idaho), Ocalkens Lake, Oreamnus Lake, Packrat Lake, Pancho Lake, Paradise Lake (Camas County, Idaho), Pats Lake, Penny Lake (Blaine County, Idaho), Perkins Lake, Pettit Lake, Phyllis Lake, Plummer Lake (Idaho), Profile Lake (Idaho), Pulpit Lake, Pushaw Lake, Quartzite Lake, Quiet Lake, Rainbow Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Redfish Lake, Regan Lake, Rendezvous Lake, Rock Island Lake, Rock Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Rock Slide Lake, Rough Lake, Saddleback Lakes, Sapphire Lake, Sapphire Lake (Idaho), Sawtooth Lake, Scenic Lake (Sawtooth Wilderness), Scoop Lake, Scree Lake, Shallow Lake, Sheep Lake, Shelf Lake, Silver Lake (Blaine County, Idaho), Six Lakes, Slide Lake (Idaho), Slide Lake (White Cloud Mountains), Sliderock Lake, Smoky Lake (Blaine County, Idaho), Snowbank Lake, Snowbank Lake (Idaho), Snow Lake (Idaho), Snowslide Lake, Spangle Lake, South Amber Lake, Stanley Lake, Stevens Lakes (Idaho), Sullivan Lake (Idaho), Surprise Lake (Idaho), Three Island Lake, Three Lake (Idaho), Timpa Lake, Swimm Lake, Tin Cup Lake, Tiny Lake, Titus Lake, Toxaway Lake (Idaho), Trail Creek Lakes, Trailer Lakes, Triangle Lake (Idaho), Twin Lakes (Idaho), Upper Baron Lake, Upper Bead Lake, Upper Cramer Lake, Upper Deadwood Lake, Upper Hanson Lake, Upper Deer Lake, Upper Lead Mountain Pond, Upper Norton Lake, Upper Redfish Lakes, Upper Smoky Dome Lake 1, Upper Smoky Dome Lake 2, Vernon Lake (Idaho), Virginia Lake (Sawtooth Wilderness), Walker Lake (Idaho), Warbonnet Lake, Washington Lake (Idaho), Waterdog Lake, West Smoky Dome Lake, Williams Lake (New Mexico), Willow Lake (Idaho), Willow Lake (Saguache County, Colorado), Window Lake, Yellow Belly Lake

List of lakes of the Sawtooth Mountains (Idaho), List of lakes of the White Cloud Mountains

Other geographic features[edit]

Boardman Creek, Deadwood Creek, Marsh Island (Maine), Orono Bog, Sawtooth Valley


Campostoma pauciradii, Cicindela albissimaCicindela albissima, Cymopterus acaulis, Cymopterus basalticus, Cymopterus davisii, Herichthys deppii, Herichthys labridens, Herichthys pantostictus, Herichthys steindachneri, Herichthys tamasopoensis, Lewisia sacajaweana, Siganus luridus


Bear Brook Watershed in Maine, Eocyte hypothesis, Great Works Dam, Howland Dam, Howland Dam (Maine), List of animals of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, List of birds of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, List of Ramsar Convention contractingList of Ramsar Convention contracting parties, Mackay Reservoir, Magic Reservoir, Milford Dam (Maine), Mormon Reservoir, Mormon Reservoir (Idaho), Orono Dam, Society of Wetland Scientists, Stillwater Dam, Stillwater Dam (Maine), Veazie Dam, West Enfield Dam


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