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Greetings!! Thanks for coming on my user page. Please have some fresh Bangladeshi Pitha (Special cake)!
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Hi, I'm from Bangladesh. I'm also an irregular contributor in Bangla Wikipedia. I'm also active in Wikimedia Commons with similar user name and here is my Wikimedia Commons profile- [[1]]. I've some knowledge of graphics work in Inkscape and preparing .svg file. If you need to convert any bitmap image to .svg format, you can request me. If I manage time, I'll make that for you. I can create animated flag, using Photoshop. Anyone can ask me to create his required animated flag.

I'll try to contribute on Bangladesh related articles.

Listen, you may disappointed after seeing my simple user page. But, that moment is not far away, when I'll fill my user page with tones of wiki templates and links and colorful pictures like other expert wikipedians. :D

My Artworks[edit]

  • I have redraw following images in vector format, from bitmap format.
  • I have animated following flags.


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Hi, thanks for your tireless effort in creating and editing wikipedia entries on the history of Bangladesh liberation war. Here is a small token of appreciation for you!
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