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Retired out of disgust at the condition of Wikipedia. When you have articles on every f***ing Pokemon and every single episode of Naruto, there's a clear sign that your encyclopedia is broken. Each and every day, Wikipedia grows dumber and dumber, as evidenced by Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Naruto Episodes.

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There are 42 userboxes on this page! Feel free to change this number if it's inaccurate. Also, please suggest new userboxes at my talk page.


I spend a large amout of time at the reference desk, especially the computing reference desk. Most of my edits are either reference desk posts, vandalism cleanup (note: to AmiDaniel, screw you and your DRMed VandalProof) , copyediting, or AfD/RfA discussion.

I spend most of my time on IRC because I'm too lazy to edit Wikipedia and because RC patrolling is a pain on dial-up. If you have somehow lost your sanity and wish to contact me, leave a message on my talk page or find me on #wikipedia.

Friends and Foes[edit]

These are people that I either greatly respect/admire or hate/disagree with.


I admire and have great respect for the following people:



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