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Wikipedian since 18:33 EST, 27 Feb 2004 - first article: CAM plants

I have a way of hovering in the background...and a way of being female, brunette, and very nearsighted.]] Who I am: New York college student.

Where I come from: My first major online "home base" was GameFAQs; in particular, Pikadeth's Playhouse on Random Insanity. Later, I discovered Everything2, The Northern Lights, and Digital Press. Please don't hold any of that against me.

What I do: Lots of copyedits, writing things on biology and video gaming, adding screenshots.

What I'm doing now: Looking for new work, now that my summer job at the college is over. Enjoying my new Postal Service and Flaming Lips CDs, as well as my trips to Manhattan, and my Game Boy SP. Sorry if I've bitten anyone's head off in Talk or summaries. I think I feel more relaxed now that I have a bit more freedom.

Even more: I had an account at GameFAQs from August 18 2002 until August 11 2004. During that time, I began to write video game reviews, mostly for older games that didn't have much information on them in the database. I also did small corrections to the game data until the link to "contribute game data" went down for about a year, for whatever stupid reason. I became increasingly frustrated with the site because of the administration, eventually removed my reviews, and in 2004, I "suicided" my account. I did so because I was spending too much time there, and spending it unhappily; having your IP address banned is a good way to go cold turkey.

At Everything2, I'm an on-again, off-again contributor, but I do try to vote as often as I can. It's nice to get a little input on your work. Most (all) of my contributions at E2 are factual. My irritation with the bad fiction there is partly why I was drawn to Wikipedia.

The personality tests say I'm an INTP. The astrologers say I'm a Taurus. My mom says I'm cool!...well, no, actually, I kind of annoy her.