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Hello im friendly ant (not my real name) im from Florida. i joined wikipedia for i can practice my writeing skills lets say when i do something wrong they tell me. i mostly edit gamesFriendly ant (talk)

my hobby[edit]

my hobb is astronomy im very smart at it for a small child ive went to kennedy space center 5 times

i like studying pantes but i dont want to go to space

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I love halo[edit]

I love halo so much its fun entertaning and funny and it teach me how to be mature.i have xbox live so i might go aganst me in halo reach. if you want to know my name its right under this sentence.ITS going to be in a other sub-title

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My xbox[edit]

My xbox is the special kinect editon its black. MY XBOX LIVVE USER NAME:THUNDER BEAST21(EXACTLY LIKE ITS WRITTEN)

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=why i like pokemon[edit]

I like pokemon becuase it might be challengeing in some games it very fun to meet other pepole and trade and you'll get know what you like better,like water,grass,fire, etc. My favorite pokemon is arcues

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why i like mario[edit]

I love Template:Mario bros since my frist mario game which was in 2005. I have over 20 mario games and im planing to get more.My frist mario game was Template:Mario kart double dash (2001)

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