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Here's what I wrote on the "new user log" when I began editing Wikipedia in a big way (in May 2005):

My primary areas of interest (at least of knowledgeable interest) are theology and Church history, English literature (up to about 1900), private-eye stories, Romance languages, and various bits of American and European history and culture. I've been using Wikipedia for a few years, and just recently started fixing typos and adding bits of information.

I am a deacon of the Eastern Orthodox Church ("Deacon John Saturus"), currently working on an M. A. in theology, and am the King of Talossa.

Please feel free to talk with me.

Beliefs, dogmatic and quirky[edit]

I believe:


I am vastly enthusiastic, and frequently bore my friends, about

Articles I've started[edit]

Articles I've contributed to in ways that strike me as reasonably important[edit]

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