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About Joel Froese[edit]

I am a German/American born in Ohio, lived most of my life in Columbia, South Carolina, now living in Europe.

I have an undergraduate degree in computer science and an MBA from the University of South Carolina as well as a dozen years of experience in IT, accounting, and general management. I am an avid traveler and interested in global politics, economics, culture, and even linguistics. I'm fascinated by how things work, especially technology/gadgets, businesses/economies, and even biological systems, the brain, and cultures/societies.

Wikipedia related interests[edit]

I have very eclectic interests ranging from technical topics to nearby geographical points of interest that I happen know a little about.

My contributions have been tapering off lately—honestly, it just isn't fun anymore. I commend—and am amazed by—those who continue to tirelessly expand, correct, and generally make Wikipedia a more valuable resource everyday.

Joel English, German
Joël French
Gioele Italian
Ιωηλ Greek
Иоиль Russian
Йоил Bulgarian
יוֹאֵל Hebrew
خويل Arabic
约耳 Chinese
죠엘 Korean


Travel, cycling (road), SCUBA, skiing, sailing

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