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FrogofTime is the whimsical pseudonym of a lifelong resident of the Seattle metropolitan area and current resident of Capitol Hill.

FrogofTime's interests include:

FrogofTime is currently a student at Seattle Central Community College and will attend Washington State University in the Autumn of 2010.

To help pay the bills, Frog of Time is currently working at The Crumpet Shop, a casual eatery located within the Pike Place Market.

FrogofTime's religious history has been one of many peaks and valleys. Raised by a Quaker father and an Evangelical mother, FrogofTime saw the great diversity in different people's beliefs from a very early age. After his mother died at the age of twelve, FrogofTime renounced religion altogether and declared himself an atheist. However, during a short Japanophile stint, FrogofTime discovered the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America in Granite Falls, 35 miles northeast of Seattle. FrogofTime now openly practices Shinto and teaches others about the religion.

The pseudonym FrogofTime was derived from the presence of frogs within the two Zelda games released for the Nintendo 64, the fist of which was entitled The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. However, FrogofTime is no longer as interested in video games as he once was.