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How to ask a question

  • Search first. Wikipedia is huge, and you can probably find the answer to your question much quicker by looking for it yourself. If there's no useful information on Wikipedia, the internet is a great resource too, so also try a search engine such as Google.
  • Include a title and a question. It's easier for our voluneers if question formatting is consistent.
  • Be specific. Clearly state your question and include any information that might help to understand the context (for example, a wikilink or a link to an online resource). If your question deals with local or national issues, make sure you specify what area of the world it applies to.
  • Do your own homework. The reference desk won't give you answers for your homework, although we will try to help you out if there's a specific part of your homework you don't understand. Make an effort to show that you've tried solving it first.
  • Be patient. Your question probably won't be answered right away, so come back later and check for a response. A complete answer to your question may be developed over a period of up to seven days.
  • Don't provide contact information, such as your e-mail address, home address, or telephone number. Questions are normally answered on the same page that they are asked. Be aware that the content on Wikipedia is extensively copied to many websites; making your e-mail address public here may make it very public throughout the Internet.
  • Sign your question. Type ~~~~ (four tildes) at the end of your question, to let the reference desk know who's asking.
  • Do not request medical or legal advice. Ask a doctor or lawyer instead.