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Hubbard Systems[edit]


Above: Hubbard Systems' Corporate Headquarters | Birmingham, AL

Overview: Hubbard Systems is a privately-held computer software company that offers turn-key trendsetting collection technology for local counsel, credit grantors, account forwarders and collection agencies.

History: Jim Hubbard, a Certified Public Accountant, founded Hubbard Systems to provide computer solutions for the legal collection environment. The original software development began in 1983 at a Mobile, Alabama law firm and was one of the first automated computer solutions to market.

In 1986, the company became incorporated as Jim Hubbard & Associates and in 1995, moved its headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama - where it remains today. Jim Hubbard & Associates marketed as Hubbard Systems in 2003. The company currently employs over 20 full-time staff, including a software development team in Pune, India.

About Hubbard Systems: Hubbard Systems provides collection management applications for a wide array of end users. Hubbard supports multiple hardware and operating system environments for its applications, including VMS, Linux, and Windows.

The company continues to make advances in collection technology by developing automated solutions with today’s development resources. A Microsoft Partner since 2002, Hubbard Systems is utilizing XML and SQL to move forward with its applications.

Products: Hubbard Systems currently offers two collection management systems: Colipso and Collection Partner. Hubbard offers a client-to-client file transfer network named Partner-to-Partner (also known as P2P in the industry). Web Attorney Network is one of Hubbard Systems products that enables the clients of collection firms to view reports and information 24/7 via the internet. In addition to custom interfaces into 3rd party credit grantors and forwarders, Hubbard also offers an ERM package compatible with its collection management systems that archives voice, data and images.

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