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My name is FudgeMagnet and I am an eccentric sorta guy! I work in IT (hey, doesn't everybody!) and live in vibrant Brixton with a cat for company. I'm pushing forty, but there's life in the old dog yet!

I have a great web-page which has all my favourite photos, including ones of bits of rubbish on the ground, one of a fry-up on a plate, and some road-signs. These imply an arty side to my character, kinda mysterious and deep.


So deep I put my diary on the internet for everyone to read! I consider myself a radical anticapitalist kinda guy, and I like to read Michael Moore and Naomi Klein.

I love my Mac, my iPod and my other electronic gadgets. I can publish websites on the fly, sitting on the train or even in my favourite pub, which has WiFi for us next-gen drinkers. My favourite drink is lager, and I often drink up to 3 pints!

I moderate a couple of messageboards. This is something I take quite seriously, as much as life itself.

I used to live in New York City, but hey, that's another story!

No2iD but YES 2 IP!!!

I am against the id-ea (geddit?) of a database state where people can be traced, except when troublemakers can be traced by their IP addresses, which change every few hours.