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Hi, my name is Leif, and I'm a thirty-something mechanical engineer living in Minnesota, USA MinnesotaUnited States. Wikipedia is a great resource and I hope to do my part to make it better. I can't say I really have a particular area of interest; I love browsing articles on history, science, politics, geography, biographies, philosophy, etc, et al, ad nauseum.


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I think one of the things that bugs me most about Wikipedia is the prevalence of POV articles whose editors will defend to the death the assertion that their article is indeed NPOV. This is, of course, a very sticky issue because nobody is free from bias and everybody has a world view which colors everything they think, say, or do. I'd like to believe that I am capable of objective neutrality, and hopefully I can influence Wiki in that direction.

Another is more of a question than a real concern. We want the statements made in wikipedia to be logically consistent (speaking in metawiki terms). Is this independent of the reliable sources requirement, in addition to it, or subject to it? Is logic "above" such concerns as consensus or verifiability? Can we change things in wiki based on purely logical arguments even though those changes could potentially be seen as un-sourced or original research?

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